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The best shoes for fitness workout

Every fitness freaks or individuals those who are use to go to gym, need to know about every equipment, those are used in the gym .Especially , about shoes , which shoes should use for weight training and why it is important to choose correct shoes for gym.

Actually gym shoes or weight training shoes are different from running shoes. Running shoes are only allowed to be used for cardio purpose. But gym shoes allows you to lift heavier weights safely and helps to increase in hypertrophy. The extra heel which are added in the shoes has a valuable purpose. The heel – anywhere from half an inch to an inch or more allows you to do all exercises in correct form, posture and also helps to target each muscle group more significantly. For example, if you are squatting and your form is wrong due to wrong shoes, then you can’t target your specific muscle , for what you are squatting. But if you use proper shoes for workout, then your form will be correct and you will be able to target your specific muscle group for what you are working. And also during cardio time , while you are running , skipping or sprinting , you should take care of your feet through shoes.

So it is important to check the qualities of running shoes properly while you are buying. It must be comfortable and stable.

Benefits of using proper gym shoes

  1. Increased hypertrophy: It is a growth of muscle tissue , which helps to increase muscle mass. Lifting weights is the simplest way to increase hypertrophy and for that you have to wear gym shoes as it allows you to lift heavy weights safely and properly .
  2. Increased ankle mobility : The extra heels of gym shoes will help you to give a greater ankle motion which will protect you from severe injuries and also helps you to lift heavier weights .
  3. Movement pattern: There is always a body movement pattern when you are performing various types of exercises or lifting weights with techniques within a gym regimen. When lifting weights there is a high amount of force coming down on the body, all of which is supported through the feet. So if your feet do not have the proper firm cushioning and padding needed to handle the force, you will not get the full benefits of the exercise and may end up with injuries. So if you have enough money to invest in a good pair of shoes, then it would be the best investment for your journey. It will make difference in your overall technique and lifting ability .

I will suggest you some gym shoes and cardio shoes which will make your fitness journey better.

The best three shoes for gym

1.RXN– weightlifting shoes: This is a very affordable gym shoes which you can buy easily from it’s heels are super comfortable, you will be easily get use to it and you can perform better in the gym .


2.RXN – world star weightlifting shoes : It is also a very affordable shoes. It has the same heel structure as the previous one. But if it comes to look, then it’s color combinations are very attractive. You will love it. So have a look at the product, you will get it easily through

3. ASE – professional weightlifting shoes: This product is a very demanding one as it’s price also less comparatively. But it has the same advantages like other gym shoes. It’s heels are one inch long, which will be very comfortable for any individual or even for power lifters. And it’s color combinations are also up to the mark. So overall it’s a well worth product. You can get it easily from

Best two shoes for cardio purpose

  • NIKE – air zoom pegasus 37 : This product is just mindblowing for running. It will be the best shoes for cardio. It has a vast varieties in terms of color combinations, you will love it for sure. And it has a nice stability, heels are so comfortable and overall it is the most comfortable shoes for cardio purpose. Just check it in .

  • ASICS – gel excite 8 : This is one of the best affordable shoes in the market. It’s price is so less according to it’s quality. It’s structure is so nice and heels are super comfortable. It will feel you super light during running time. Due to it’s gel, you will get extra bounce from it. So go and check it in .


Most of us wear running shoes to the gym. And use them for squats , deadlifts and other heavy movements. Running shoes can be only use for cardio purposes. In gym they are unable to provide you the stability. They do not transfer the load to the ground effectively because of the soft base (needed for running). The forces are misbalanced and hence your lower back and other joints take the beating. Also most of us, do our heavy lifts on a soft or cushiony floor. Avoid it at all costs.

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