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Best way to build maximum muscles

Patience is underrated – You need patience with consistency. Along with patience you need to have preservence and knowledge. Actually knowledge is the power. If you have enough knowledge about muscles anatomy and nutrition, then you can easily maximize your muscle mass within a very limited period of time with the help of proper workout, nutrition and recovery. Lifestyle can affect your muscle building journey. So keep your lifestyle in a disciplined manner. Remember, mindset plays an important role in muscle building journey. Be accurate, consistent and flexible in your workout, nutrition and lifestyle. Don’t be rigid.

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Nutrition for building muscle mass

Individuals who are attempting to add muscles and strength, they need to go through energy or calories surplus mode. As per modern research, individuals who want to build muscles, they don’t need to go through high protein diet. A protein intake of 1.8 – 2.3 g / kg of bodyweight will likely maximize any potential benefit of a high protein diet (you could go higher for satiety purposes, but that can actually be a barrier for some people who get too full in the off season).

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You will benefit more from eating higher amounts of carbohydrate and fats during this phase. Carbs and fats will give you more calories to play during muscle building phase. I recommend you to take 20 – 30 % of total calories through fats and the remaining through carbs. Now let’s talk about vitamins and minerals. During this muscle building phase, individuals should consume fruits and vegetables and the amount should be 1 serving of fruits and vegetables per 1000 calories you intake.

Work out for building muscle mass

At first, individuals should know about the muscle groups, before setting any training schedule. There are two muscle groups – push and pull. You can’t train your push muscles with your pull muscles at a time. You need to give proper recovery time between them to train. Your pull muscles are – Back, biceps and forearms. And your push muscles are – Triceps, chests and shoulders. So, accordingly you can set your training schedule and can train your push and pull muscles alternatively. You can include your legs and core muscles with any muscle group. That is not going to be an issue. But try to train maximum 2 to 3 muscle groups at a time, not more than that, otherwise you can’t give equal effort to each muscle group as you would get exhaust due to over-training. You can change your workout schedule weekly. There are two types of repetition process that can be followed during your training period. One is high reps with light weights and another is less reps with heavy weights.

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So whenever you are doing high reps with light weights, you try to take less recovery time in between the sets and always try to keep the intensity of training high. High intensity training will help to boost metabolism and it will result as muscle growth. Keep changing this repetition weekly as per your schedule. So in general, low reps with heavy weights tends to increase to muscle mass, while high reps with light weights increases muscle endurance. But that is why I said to take less recovery time in between sets while you doing a high reps with light weights. It will help you to boost your metabolism and will also result to increase muscle mass. Here I told you to keep changing the repetation process because it helps to improve neuromuscular system.

Basic supplementation for muscle building

  • whey protein isolate :It helps to repair tissues rapidly after a heavy load workout and ultimately helps to build your muscle mass. You can get it through
  • L-glutamine :It helps to build block of protein and hence effects on muscle gain and exercise performance. You can get it easily from
  • Creatine :It helps your muscles produce energy during heavy load workout. It enhance strength and helps in muscle growth. Check it in for best product.
  • HMB (Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate :It helps to decrease muscle protein break down and increase body mass, strength and maximize the results of training. You can get it through
  • ZMA (zinc-magnesium aspartate) :It helps to boosts muscle growth ,strength and improves endurance, recovery and sleep quality.

The biological switches that trigger muscle gain

Anabolism and catabolism are the switches that play the ultimate role in muscle building. Your body is programmed to to re create itself every minute of your life. Substances in the form of air , food, water etc are constantly moving in and out of your body. The process in which material is built is called anabolism and the process by which material is broken down and removed from the body is called catabolism. For instance, resistance training is actually a catabolic activity that tears muscle fibres and this catabolic activity triggers an anabolic process by which the body repairs and build stronger muscles that can handle more stress. By this process it helps to gain in muscularity and strength.


Most of us believe that only workout can build our muscle mass. But its not true ,along with workout you have to focus on your nutrition, eating habits and lifestyle. All are equally important. If you don’t have any proper lifestyle , it won’t boost your anabolic activity naturally. This, muscle mass won’t grow without any anabolic activity. So just take care of above mentioned aspects.

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